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Walking Dead Season Finale (Review)

Rating: TV-14 
Season 4: 
Episode:16, A
Genre: Drama | Horror | Thriller
Director/Show Runner: Scott M. Gimple
Creator/Writer: Robert Kirkman
Channel: AMC
Show Time run: Approx. 40 Minutes
When: Every Sunday
Synopsis: Rick and the others begin to reunite at Terminus, soon realizing that the marauders are closing in, and that the so-called sanctuary is not exactly what it seems to be.
Reviews as followed: Shown, Shadow. 
SPOILER ALERT: Read at your own risk. 

 The season 4 finale for the walking dead started off with some reminiscent memories starting the show off on a better note then where we were when we left off on last week’s episode.
 For a few short moments at the beginning and throughout the rest of the show we get to see something that we haven't seen in quite some time. Happiness. Before the disease broke out and before the prisons fall we get to see a glimpse of Rick’s caravan moving past the events of Wood Bury precluding to the events that would destroy the prison and separate them as a family. 

Oh goodbye happy days! 

Compared to season 3 which in we see that no resolution is made to stop the governor the same can nearly be said for the conclusion or not so conclusion to season 4. What we did see was the death of (my truly beloved character) Andrea. The finale itself last year made Andrea’s death important for the characters and the group as it had brought new characters like, Michonne, Sasha and Tyreese closer to Rick’s group. 

I will say though before we jump into the rest of the rundown for the season finale you can breathe easily knowing that no one of importance to the show meets his or her demise, unless you can say you had an undesirable love for Joe and his band of wannabe bikers. 

As we have seen through the second half of the rest of the series we usually have only been able to get a few viewpoints on each group of companions or characters of ricks caravan. I guess walking isn't all that interesting, even in a zombie infested universe. The unsettling fact about the season finale is that we do not get to see anyone or their progress to terminus or their stay there.  

Last episode we got a glimpse of glen and Maggie after their touching reunion, making it to terminus and everyone else's progress to the safe haven. In the episode of the season finale what we do get to see for the first 40 minutes is the dark and gruesome reunion of Rick and Daryl Dixon. 

The last minutes of last week’s episode we get to the bottom of what Joe and his gang of misfits are up to as they walk across the same familiar train tracks in which we see previously, that Carl and Michonne and rick are treading along on their way to Terminus leading us up into this week’s season finale. 

After a short glimpse of seeing Hershel alive, probably for the last time, we see the key interactions setting up the events of Hershel teaching Rick how to be more like Farmer John and less like GI Joe followed by the grim reality of the aftermath of tonight's events in the episode. 

After we see how Rick, Michonne and Carl are moving along on their way to Terminus, which is full of walking, sitting, hunting and the occasional watching of some stranger get torn apart by zombies in the woods, nothing gets too exciting as far as finale standards go until after night fall when we see the clash of Daryl's men against the unprepared Rick and Michonne, and nothing says finale like raping boys, girls and ripping someone's throat out. 

Rick definitely doesn't like to be threatened, more so he definitely doesn't like creepy biker men attempting to rape his son. The gruesome and outrageous scene is one that at least ends on a triumphant note. 

Daryl Dixon is back! 

And ...Carl did not get shot in the head. ... Yet.

After we get to see a moment of shock awe and the only really amount of action in the show, the episode continues into Terminus. Unlike Maggie, Glen and what should be a very paranoid Abraham we see Rick and the gang take a more cautious and tactical approach which doesn't exactly pay off for them when they march straight up to the front door. After a warm welcome from group known as Terminus we get some insight as not to who is the leader but the many faces behind it. One of them not being "Mary" perhaps it's only because she knows how to cook up a really mean stew and human guts? It's always a possibility. 

Though How does one decide who is good enough to be a cannibal or not?

 I'm not actually too sure where they are going with this arc but from the subtle hints and knowledge I have attained from the graphic books I have made my knowledgeable hypothesis. I vote psychotic cannibals. 
Nothing seems to shady, except for the lack of humans that we don't see anything wrong until Rick notices a distinct chain pocket watch, the same exact pocket watch that was, passed down from Hershel to Glen. The show picks up in a hurry as Rick and the group put up a fight. 

The group is led by gun fire, almost like cattle to the slaughter until Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Carl are cornered. Being forced into a train car by gun fire and shut in. the season doesn't end until we see a distant group, growing closer into the shape of Glen and the other various followers they gathered trapped in the train car with them.

After we see a quick introduction to the others which Rick welcomes warm fully almost as "family", something we haven't seen in a long time we are bound to think the same exact thing Rick says next, especially after that gruesome throat ripping scene and the overdone stabbing, and every other supporting evidence in the previous season, and even in their fail to keep the prison safe, they're screwing with the wrong people. 

They're going to feel pretty stupid when they find out...

I've been a The Walking Dead  fan now for four years, reading up on the comics before the TV Show came on and of course me, a fan was expecting everything to follow exactly like the comic series, I should have known better. 

Seasons have come and gone, we've lost a few good people, a few misunderstood, and of course the people that deserved it such as; Shane, Andrea. Sometimes I regret that decision knowing that she's still alive in the comics and not in the TV Show.

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When the Mid-Season started back up earlier in February you had a feeling that our gang was never going to get back together unless there was some miracle out there, or cellphones, tracking devices, something that would bring them together. Episode, after episode, I was sitting there being so frustrated with the show and with the characters due to the fact they were so close, yet so far away. 

One thing that I really loved was thee nature of Joe's death featuring close hugging and jugular ripping, that foreshadows what the Walkers do when they eat their prey. 

I'm just waiting for that unfortunate episode, which will finally take Daryl away forever, because he doesn't exist in the comics. I'm hoping it never happens but you never know. This season reminded me so much of the second season finale, this time however the gang is locked away in a train crate. 

                   ...they're screwing with the wrong people.

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