Monday, March 31, 2014

Announcement: Help us reach our goals!

With YOUR HELP spreading the word about Feed The Geek we are attempting to achieve the following five goals, and hope that in the end we will succeeded, success to meet theses goals will be met with the following; 

1. An Updated Biography. 
2. A featured Guest post on your choosing of the subject (Within reason)
3. Q&A (TBA)
4. A Follow back to all your social media.
5. TBA

PLEASE NOTE: Any and all success Rewards can be changed or deleted at anytime. Two lucky people will be drawn with and the names will be posted on the Facebook Page and expected to respond in 48 Hours before another will be chosen.

In the past three days since the blog has gone live.........

30 Likes on the Facebook Page (Only 70 more to go!) 

32 Followers on Twitter (68 more to go and We do follow back!)

5 Email Followers. 

0 Public Followers. (Hopefully we will reach the goal with thirty in the next two weeks. Spread the word!)

1 Post with other ones coming up in the following days. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We typically do the blogging during the night so in the morning it's there for all to see. Sorry for any inconveniences we cause with the posts being published at night. We will hopefully have a posting schedule soon, so it's not all at night. We are on Twitter a lot though, re-tweeting news, etc, we also Facebook on the page throughout the day with art, updates, shares, etc. Comments are appreciated and we do respond back!  

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