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Agents Of Shield Episode 18 "Providence" (Review)

Agents Of Shield Episode 18 


Providence is a good episode for setting up the dominoes for the season finale, but does little of what it promised during the episodes promo. 

The episode of providence does more so in the way of allowing the team to grieve for the loss of shield and to ease fans into the major changes we seen last week, ie, *Spoiler* Agent Ward revealing that he works for the clairvoyant at the conclusion to last weeks episode.

This week in "providence" we get to see a lot more insight as to who Ward really is and where his commitments truly lie.

Our actual agents of shield in this episode, or perhaps rouge agents of shield, are dealing with the aftermath at the hub when they get word that general Talbot is sending in a peace party to infiltrate the hub and the rest of shield, which coulson takes as a very bad notion and gets his team off the ground immediately. Keep in mind the ship is badly damaged with a broken fuel line and has no definite destination as where to go next. If you're expecting to see a lot of the team though, you just might be as disappointed as i was. The majority of this episode seems almost like just an entire set up for the next scene while allowing itself to be the backboard for some closure and guidance after the fall out. This episode is entirely aftermath in itself. Im not saying that they could had of cut most of the tedious scenes out, but im saying they could of cut out all the tedious stuff and edged out some of the un needed dialogue and lengthy scenes that didn't seem to have any important need to exist. Im no screenwriter writer nor am i the wonderful Joss Whedon so i have no clue what im talking about in this regard, but i do feel like the scenes we see of the agents of shield just seem like filler with not much happening on the front. The story flow of this seems to work out very well though, while we see the clairvoyant, Ward and the girl in the flower dress make their move toward breaking into the shield facility known as the "freezer"

The clairvoyant and ward are able to free the girl in the flower dress and take over the freezer, releasing all the criminals and every valuable weapon shield has locked up. while the team of agents are able to find safe and secure shelter, coordinated by fury himself. What their next plan is seems to be unclear at the moment as the team is barely just settled down after hearing about the break in at the freezer.
Hydra was able to lift all sorts of high tech weapons and gadgets they plan to evolve and use in what they call "phase III" im pretty sure you can expect to see some of the scientific and alien objects weve seen in the season so far to make an appearance at some point.

Hydra is definitely locked and loaded to take on the agents of shield, I feel kind of sorry for them right now, lest us also not forget that they also have death lok and a dangerous rouge spy on their side.
 Then, when the tough gets going the tough get tougher as we also see that the next step in the clairvoyants is not to spoil grants true loyalties yet, but allow him to return to the team to eliminate them once and for all.


The show does more as a middle piece to bridge a gap between the next episode. We get to see more of grant ward and the clairvoyant, which sets up an interesting ballgame as we can now see which team is currently in the lead. Obviously, its Hydra. Our agents are in a rough patch and doesnt seem like theyll be able to get out of this one. The only thing i hope for is that everything weve seen this season can be wrapped up neatly and show us at the same time some other impending fates we can expect to see in the future. We know Skye has been clarified as a dangerous alien object, and we also know that the same chituri dna flows into both of them. We've even seen some powerful potential enemies that have yet to make their full stage appearance yet,including some modifications that the clairvoyant hints at... What these modifications are no one knows, but im guessing were going to see very soon. The season finale is going to be one hell of a show, its been slow leading up to this and I believe it might even slow down a bit more, but with just enough special guest appearances and secret reveals to keep us on our toes. 
In next weeks episode we get to see whedonite Amy Acker make an appearance as coulons ex lover, the chelloist. During a conversation with the clairvoyant we hear him bring up the chelloist, im curious as to know if this is something Hydra has set up themselves or how couslon comes into contact with her. Another reveal next week is when Grant comes out the closet... all the great men, huh skye? No, really. Whys it always the men with great jawlines that end up being insane sociopaths? 

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