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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 'The Lion & The Rose'

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 

'The Lion & The Rose' 

For better clarification they might as of well had of called this episode "The Royal Wedding" instead.

The episode itself is not a bad one, but seems more near to being part 1.2 of the premiere of season 4.
Other than seeing Kings-landing we do not get a glimpse this week of who we may have already seen during the 1st episode last week. Meaning no Danerys, No Jon and no Arya. instead the lion and the rose shows us everyone who was absent from last weeks episode.

Sounds a bit boring since the ones that were left out usually seem to be the most boring and unfocused, Stanis likes to sit and talk.. and talk.. and talk some more, and Grey joys side of the coin last season has been nothing but mere torture porn. The only underrated and most unseen action we see is that of Brans story, I believe things are starting to get interesting there. The only purpose of watching them is but to do a little check in to see where they are going, which isnt much of anywhere quite yet. This episode although, unlike the last few episodes of season 3 displays a little more purpose on the front of grey joy and bran in this season. I can only hope for the best to come of their stories as we eventually round of season 4.  

The rest of the episode is held in kings-landing. The wedding itself may had of been a little less long if viewers weren't getting such a big fistful of pompous royal douche "baggery" from the "incestual" king himself. Other than when he had Neds head cut off toward the end of season 1, I don't think ive seen the king act like such a dick than when he does at his own royal wedding. The royal wedding is literally half of the 2nd episode and doesn't take any breaks, by that it is much more different than its run of any of the other episodes, but it will not leave you disappointed. In fact the end of the lion and the rose might make you very, very happy. 

I've split up small recaps by character and event below for organization and easier reading. Keep aware that The Royal Wedding segment will contain large spoilers for the end of the episode. For my overall portion scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Tyrion & Jamie lannister 

Back at kings-landing we get to see the rest of the lannisters and everyone else preparing for the royal wedding while Tyrion Lannister is working to resolve issues with his secret lover, by asking her to disappear from kingslanding for her own safety. When trying the polite approach doesnt worj, Tyrion chooses a more aggressive approach. On Jaimie Lannisters side we see him in a sitting with Tyrion. When the topic of discussion comes to his hand Tyrion has Braun help Jamie discreetly improve his one handed sword skills.
"The dwarf, the cripple and the mad queen." 


 Finally we get to see Bran! I feel his story has been a little flat, with almost no reason to be. His story unlike everyone else's story is a little less focused. Last season we see that Bran has a special gift and that he has a higher purpose, other than on the run from his families enemies, but to what his purpose is, they still have no clue. Upon touching one of the faced red leaved trees Bran gets a vision telling him where his next destination is. According to the scene afterwards I can assume its Kings-landing. Lets hope not.
Catelyn isnt coming back from the dead for awhile, and someone needs to reunite the stark banner. Either way I would like to see his story improve more and become more crucial to the bigger plan at hand. I wouldn't mind seeing Bran and Arya making a reunion in the near future, but i don't think George RR Martin likes family reunions.

Theon Greyjoy 

Lastly we seen Theon Greyjoy being tortured by Ramsay Snow after the greyjoys believe they've taken over Winterfell. Theon has undergone repetitive amounts of cruel torture, including the removing of his sexual organs. The repetitive amount of torture is so cruel and distasteful, its almost like torture porn... If youre into that sort of thing?
Its almost to the point you feel sorry for him, until you take account that he came this close to killing the youngest stark boys. I guess the lesson learned is that if you want to kill a stark and not have repercussions, you have to be a Lannister or a Bolton. In this episode we see Ramsay chasing down one of his maidens, because of some unresolved conflict between one of the other girls. Following Ramsay is Theon, or as hes now come to know as his name, Reek. Also in this episode we see some movement on the front as Ramsay's father makes an appearance back to the dreadfort. if you remember correctly we last seen Ramsay's father Roose Bolton at the red wedding when he kills Rob Stark. Closely related to the boltons are the men who capture Jaime and Brienne of Tarth, before they removed Jaime's hand. The appearance of Roose Bolton and his men seem to signify a means to the story making a full circle. Once Roose learns that Bran and Rickon still live he makes it his mission to keep moving forward with their movement, including finding the boys and killing them before they can make ways to rising up Stark allies against them. 

 Majority of the episode is now presented at King landing for the royal wedding. Or I might as well call it the "Purple Wedding"
Without a doubt you already know someone is gonna die, and im also pretty sure all of you either know or have a pretty big notion as to who it is. After we see the quick wedding reunion, some boring words, an obscure kiss, and some more... "I know im the king and that you're all here for the wedding but i still have to loudly chime in every now and then like an obnoxious little c**t to remind you im still the center of attention, we finally get the wedding after party. The moment the newly weds get to show off and for Joffree to act like a total ungrateful douche bag.

The Purple Wedding 

* Spoilers Ahead *

After the gift ceremony, where we get to see Jofree dismember Tyrion's wedding gift we get the clear notion that Tyrion is going to be Joffrees chosen victim. That is of course the case as at every turn Joffrey makes it note to humiliate his uncle, something Cersi and the rest of his family dont seem to frown on, without embarrassing her son too much, Im almost positive Cersi would of been able to move joffrees cruel focus onto something else other than humiliating her brother. After a distasteful play for the audience which is played out by dwarven actors, Joffrey attempts to humiliate his uncle by asking him to partake in the play, but has it thrown back in his own face. Angered by Tyrion he pours his whine on his uncles had and forces Tyrion Lannister to his side as his cup bearer. After a large cake is brought to the couple, Joffree uses his Valarian sword to cut into the cake. Tyrion goes to make a quick escape before Joffree catches him in mid retreat, forcing him again to pour him a drink. The drink of whine which is Joffrees last drink he will ever have, after a bite of cake Joffree hurries to rush it down with large gulps of whine as his throat has become severely dry, only making it worse. Joffree begins to asphyxiate and tumble to the ground before his entire family surround him as he lay dying. Tyrion puzzled by the events unfolding doesnt run to his nephews rescue, but instead hurries to inspect the cup Joffrey has drank from. A time of silence is out of the question after the kings death, Joffrey doesn't find a peaceful part of  his soul within, or makes it appoint to forgive those around him or die within the peace given to him, but instead makes it appoint to point out Tyrion as his killer. Cersi angered with her brother yells for his arrest, catching the innocent and puzzled Tyrion rather off guard.


Out of all the events that unfold at the wedding i am rather puzzled myself as to how Joffrey is poisoned at all, clearly the wine would be the culprit, but was Joffrey the target? or was it the whole table of Joffrey and Margarey Tyrells family together? We notice when Tyrion hands Joffrey the goblet of wine it sits right infront of Cersi Lannister. Could she of been the original victim? the other important question is as to whom poisoned the wine in the first place? I for one vote Oberynn, especially given his hate for the Lannisters. In no place could I blame Oberynn for getting revenge on the lannisters for his sister and his sisters children, but do believe this will make events much, much more complicated in the next episodes and seasons to come. Who will be king? Tywin? what about Margarey and the Tyrells? What will happen with Tyrion? Im left with numerous amounts of concerned questions for our characters and what world Joffrey will leave behind with his death.. It seems Westeros is kingless once again, though I wont be doubtful that Cersi and Tywin will take it up without hesitation.

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