Friday, April 18, 2014

Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailers & clips

Watch all the Amazing Spider-Man clips and scenes from Amazing-spider-man 2 all in one place. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Clip - Times Square sniper

In this prelude scene to the epic slow motion scene that is also seen in time square, we have spideman trying to convince Electro to stand down before the snipers make a shot at him

  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Clip - Skipping Rocks

Norman Osborn and Peter Parker are catching up, sharing stories about their neglectful parents while skipping rocks. 

  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie CLIP - Harry and Electro

  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Clip - Neighborhood Ornament


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie CLIP - Times Square Slow Motion Save

the Slow motion scene with electro in time square. Spiderman uses his spidy sense's to save himself and others from electros full force attack in time sqaure


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