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Comic book updates & News (All new ultimates and new 52 relaunches)


 Yes that is Dick Grayson with a gun! Batman would be ashamed! 

 After the recent issue of forever evil we see Grayson meet a deadly fate from Lex Luthor affecting the bat universe as a whole, and altering Dick grayson (sidekick to batman) Aka Robin, and later taking up his own mantle as Nightwing. Dick Grayson is now taking up another identity by working with a spy corporation that has ties with batman inc "Spyral." 

The new title will be called "Grayson" and will take us on a new path we have never seen before from him. 
The isolation from the batfamily might also allow us to get more up and personal with the man behind the mask, and a potential arch nemesis of his own. 

Mostly this seems like something i dont neccesarilly agree with and takes a character away from a genre hes done so well in. Masked hero to superspy? 
Maybe we will get Nightwing back eventually, but until then it seems the Nightwing mantle has been destroyed. 
The man behind the mask still lives, which should be a good thing though, right? 
I think im starting to get reboot whiplash here.
Anyone else? 

As of here recently we have also hear news that Teen Titans and Suicide Squad are also coming to a close after issue #30.
Dont fret though, because Teen Titans and Suicide Squad will relaunch with an all new series and new cast members.
Wondergirl, Red Robin, Bunker?.. its been awhile since i read the latest series.. meaning no superboy or kid flash this time around. Also joining them will be Raven and Beast boy.
According to the comic creators Superboy and flash will most likely join the team later on.

What I cant seem to understand is why DC couldnt of passed the old series off onto a new creative team. Its practically got the same team! it doesnt look like anything has changed! Why go through 2 1/2 years just to reboot a somewhat perfectly good series? It makes no sense to me... We see Raven and Beast boy joining the team titans toward the most recent issues of the last teen titans series.. Its comic books! You dont reboot comicbooks! Seriously? when did this whole relaunch every 2 years become a thing!? I know some of the good series are continuing, and Teen Titans is one of the good ones thats just getting a short ending when it doesn't need one. Lets keep the continuity, please? Either way, i have hope that it can surpass the most recent teen titans, and make good attempts to not waste my time every month. In all honestly I love Teen Titans.. so hopefully theyll get serious with it this time around, thats all.

As far as Suicide Squad, I read the first few issues enough to know that it was really good, and definitely wasnt afraid to take any risks. This time around with the relaunch we have a few new kick ass members to the team... Jokers "non-biological" daughter and Deathstoke, Slade Wilson. From the cover art it actually seems like the two are trying to take the suicide squad down... I guess we will see come this July...
My opinion on needless relaunching I laid out above is clearly what i think here... it seems pointless. but atleast its more organized then marvels now cluster F-

Marvel Now New Ultimates

After the large Ultimate crossover in the ultimate universe, everything has been completely altered, bringing with it new changes for ongoing ultimate comics and bringing with it new ones.

Ultimate FF stands for not fantastic four... but for Future Foundation?
The comic is by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Mario Guevara, the comic book will follow:
Sue Storm, Tony Stark, Machine Man and Sam Wilson (Flacon) as a team, affected by the events of cataclysm, coming together to make a change.

The New Ultimates have recently just sprung this spring, so keep a lookout and read our review. of the first issue #FF an All New Ultimates

 Brian Michael Bendis, Michel Fiffe and Joshua Hal Fialkov have put a new spin on the marvel ultimate universe by adding in  f Iron Man, Kitty Pryde, Sue Storm, Black Widow, Cloak & Dagger and more in an all-new and exciting direction after the devastating events of Cataclysm.

 All New Ultimates sounds like the Avengers with the ultimate spin.

 Spider-Man, Black Widow (formally Spider-Woman), Kitty Pryde, Bombshell, Cloak & Dagger officially unite to tackle the vicious, rampant crime wave overtaking Hell’s Kitchen! But can this new team of Ultimates stand up to the murderous gang known only as the Serpent Skulls?

The cover art looks good, it definitely makes me curious as to see how this ensemble of teens can work together.

Make sure to Read all New Ultimates and everything else marvel ultimate now, and keep posted for the issue review later today!

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