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Arrow season 2 episode 18 'Deathstroke' Recap (contains spoilers)

Season 2 
episode 18 - Deathstroke 
CW Network 
TV Rating-TV-14 
Starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey.

Recap Of episode 18 'Deathstoke' contains spoilers go here --- for review of episode 

All secrets we’ve been anticipating since the beginning have been revealed, leaving the world of Arrow in pieces. Every lie and secret in last night’s episode of Arrow is given light, casting a dark shadow on our characters.
Nothing is safe from Slade ‘Deathstroke’ Wilson’s path of rage and destruction in Arrow’s season 2 episode 18 ‘Deathstroke.’ We see all secrets get their share of light in tonight’s episode, and an example of what’s to come from what seems to be a difficult adversary with more than a few cards up his sleeves. Death stroke has no sympathy as he uses his kidnapping of Thea Queen to not only pose a threat against Oliver Queen but as a mere distraction to get exactly what he wants. 

In last week’s episode we last see Thea Queen getting into Slade Wilsons limo, things seems like it might play out safe for Thea until we see events pick right up from where we left off as Slade Wilson and Sebastian Blood kidnap Thea Queen. Everyone is clueless to Thea being taken as Oliver and Roy mark it off as an emotional fit after their forced break up.
In the episode Deathstroke we also see the long awaited return of possible adversary isabelle Rochev, (Summer Glau) Firefly’s River, respectively. Her major role doesn’t come into play until later, but we do see her appearance demanding Oliver Queens role in an important meeting at Queen consolidated.
Theas absence is questioned when she doesn’t show up for the starling city mayor election. A frantic and flustered Oliver Queen is given the answer of his sister’s state of being as the mayor debate cuts to footage of Deathstoke and a frightened Thea Queen.

During the commotion of Theas kidnapping, Oliver signs over temporary CEO rights to Isabelle before rushing off to find his sister, which proves to be easier than expected. The trio of vigilantes track down an unwilling slade Wilson. After not being able to get the information they want, arrow indulges Deathstoke by giving him what he wants. The Arrow insists on giving officer Lance a call to bring in Wilson for the kidnapping of Thea.

Slades arrest proves as nothing but a distraction as he is soon released which Roy takes as a big mistake and sabotage from Oliver Queen as Oliver Queen can’t seem to make the right decision. In an uproar Roy decides to leave and find Thea on his own.
Once Slade Wilson makes his way back to his safehouse he releases Thea to go, but before she escapes her captor Slade shares with her the one secret Oliver and moira have been hiding from her, the identity of her real father, Malcom Merlyn.
Things start to pick up as we see our group find out about Isabelle’s hostile takeover at Queen consolidated. Oliver rushes to Queen consolidated after Isabelle has the board appoint her permanent CEO. A confrontation between the two leads to Isabelle making a snide comment about his “evening activities.” After realizing Isabelle has been working for Slade the two face off in combat. Oliver gets the upper hand on Rochev and forces her to tell him the whereabouts of Thea. As Oliver follows Isabelles lead he isn’t aware that Thea had walked into the starling police precinct five minutes prior to him finding the empty building she was being held. Theas reappearance proves as another distraction for Deathstroke to then hijack a prisoner bus from the starling prison, aiding him in building himself an army.

When Oliver and Moira find Thea she is shaken and upset, considerably by the fact that not only Moira who kept the secret that Malcolm was her father but, that so did Oliver.

By the end of the episode we see the gang back together in support for Oliver except for Roy which leaves Starling City once he finds out that Thea was safe. Sara is also absent as she attends to her father who is arrested on suspicion for working with the vigilante. We also get to see our trio of adversaries, slade, isabelle and Sebastian in the dark with their evil plots that they have in store for Oliver and starling city. Slade mentions having one more thing to do in his efforts of destroying Olivers life when we see Slade Wilson appear at Laurels front door.
Laurel is shocked by the news of Slade Wilson kidnapping Thea Queen before getting a knock at her door, foreshadowing the identity of the man awaiting her. Slade makes it appoint not to her laurel but to reveal Arrows secret identity. After Slade makes his exit you can see by the emotional and ‘eureka’ look on Laurel face that she has finally come to the reality that has been in front of her the entire time.

The episode seemed more like a catalyst for what is to come as it doesn’t seem like there is very much action to be seen except for the long anticipated clash between, Black Canary, Roy (Speedy?) and Arrow which all we get to see there is a very reluctant to fight Slade Wilson. I believe things will pick up more once Death Stroke and Arrow are able to clash 1 on 1. This episode, besides the kidnapping of Thea was mainly drama filled and had some Gossip Girl tactics used by Slade and his ‘band of other rich folk’. We do get to see Slade in his costume a couple times, and in action once. The episode itself was done very well and holds a lot of importance as a lot of secrets comes to surface by the end of the episode. For the most part though the episode had seemed only like the catalyst for something much bigger setting the last few episodes for Arrow to hopefully go out with a bang leaving us jaw hung at the very end. I see the episode to be an example that Oliver has understated Slade Wilson and has been misdirected at every turn which catches up to him, I believe teaching him a lesson he will not take lightly next time around.

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