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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Review)

Captain America The First Avenger 

Compared to Captain America the First Avenger, winter solider makes the first movie look like an issue #0. The movie, after the first five minutes kicks off with amazing stunts and all out action and does not stop throughout the entire movie until the very end. In conjunction with other elements this movie so far just might be the ‘Best’ Marvel film so far. 

The level winter solider goes to, sets a pretty high admirable standard for the rest of the movies this year, kicking our summer off with a Bang!

Captain America 

Captain America Winter Soldier is a film based off the iconic comic book character, captain America. The movie itself serves as a sequel to the first one, The First Avenger in 2011. In the Winter Soldier We see captain America, played by (Chris Evans) or maybe better known as his true identity, Steve Rodgers as he attempt to live in the modern world after being frozen for 70 years.
What we really see is Captain America who tries to fit in the modern world by working with SHIELD, but SHIELD has some dark secrets of its own which come to the surface forming the plot we see throughout the film.

 The Winter soldier comes fully prepared with an amazing set of cast members and rich characters. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, cobie smulders from How I met your mother and the Avengers as Maria Hill and Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce.

The 'Marvel' Theme 

 The movie itself starts out really light, making it appoint not too highlight anything to monumental until the first few minutes of the film. When the movie does make its turn, it does so in a very high paced way, speeding up faster and getting better as it goes along, just like the rest of the movie. The action is well paced, humorous and yet dark at times.

The movie is able to make light of the deaths we do see, almost acting as if it’s not happening. Black Widow is able to kill potentially twenty men in twenty seconds and not feel a single bit emotion of remorse. I guess being an ex KGB spy does that to you.
That in itself proves that the movie has both dark and light featured tones that are balanced and blended pretty well, enough to not make the audience feel too bad.

Its marvel, they’re kind of good for it as we usually see in past movies like; Thor and Iron man.
The ‘marvel’ theme does very well and good in this film in many ways that it surpasses the first one. The first Avenger seems like a very flat movie with little bright tone but right away you can see that the winter soldier will have its moments of brightness, with a mixture of light humor.

Those uplifting sequences are the scenes that leave a little bit of sunshine in your soul, and draw those character in close, just before its sequences that rip you away from everything you thought you knew and forcing you to see something else entirely and those are also those moments that leave you on the brink of tears, forcing you to grip your seat so hard just so your heart doesn’t beat itself right out of your chest.

The Plot & The Adversary 

The plot of the movie seems to be simple to catch on and thickens as it goes, leaving you to wonder what the plot really is.
From that, I now know what they mean when they said the movie was going to have a ‘political’ feel. The idea may or may not have something to do with a weapon of mass destruction, but it is better than the flat and dry one way stories that are always being rehashed. 
Marvel included. 
It might even just sum up all marvel movies and comic books around the world along with every writers block anyone is currently having.

Evil villain + mass weapon of destruction = wipe out entire race or planet because I had a bad childhood.

Ergo, the plot of Captain America The first Avenger and The Winter Soldier, sorry but its more or less true.

With that having been said I think that’s a reason this movie is so amazing. The film is not just about one guy and an army it has its multiple view points and story threads intersecting into this one movie, a lot of them having to deal with The First Avenger which it helps lend itself to come full circle. It is not one of those movies that leaves you with the feeling that the first one never happened, it does the complete opposite. It may have been 70 or so years ago, but the events from WWII are trudging themselves into the present time and creating all this disorder and chaos, so much that you could almost say that Captain Americas true enemy (without giving away any spoilers), is almost time or maybe his past coming back to haunt him and the rest of the world.

Time can be a great and superior adversary; a greater adversary though just might be your best friend as an enemy. Combine best friend out of time, and he just might be the toughest opponent you’ve ever had to face. Captain America doesn’t just have to fight his opponent with brute force and physical, that’s if he is able to face his opponent at all.


Again. Right when you think you know whats going to happen the film spins everything around leaving you wondering where you are. The winter soldier is literally like a roller coaster ride; now just imagine riding one blind. You don’t know what’s coming and what is going, which I might say definitely adds to the fun factor. Seeing it again I might not say or experience the same thing again but I do know that every single scene kept me begging for more.

“Cut off the head of one and two more will take its place”

The writing and plot of the movie is very well paced never usually going off and doing little of what it has to, to convey what it thinks are important. Just when I think I find a flaw in character or plot the film seemed to always have an answer for me therefore leaving me with nothing to complain about.

The acting in the film is very superb especially on Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan’s roles. Their roles throughout the movie seem the heaviest of burdens to carry, with more than a few deeply emotional scenes the two carry the movie beautifully.

With such an array of action, emotion and a story plot that holds its own with the film editing that is done so rightfully that you can’t help but feel like you’ve just watched the best movie ever its hard to find a flaw that ruins it or is enough to dock it.
( I guess that makes me a pretty bad critic.)

In Closing 

With The Winter Soldier coming out so early just before May I do believe it sets a very high precedence for all other movies, releasing this summer; Godzilla, Amazing Spider-man 2, and X men days of futures past. Even including movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Avengers Age Of Ultron to attempt to top such a massive Marvel film like this one. It'll be very hard to accomplish. 

If this is the beginning of what only about to come, then let them come 2014. I can’t wait!

Overall I don’t want to give the movie a perfect score, even though it rightfully deserves one, I give the movie a score of

9.5 / 10

Dont forget to watch Captain America The Winter Soldier in theaters. Hopefully near you.

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  1. Watching something as fun and exciting as this, makes me wonder just why DC hasn't gotten their act together. Good review Shawn.

    1. I keep on wondering the same thing, I guess well see if they can come 2015, with Batman & Superman. Thanks for the comment :)



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