Thursday, April 3, 2014

Captain America's costume evolution

Captain America is an iconic superhero from his strength of character to his red, white and blue suit. His suits have changed in the three movies he has been since his rise to the big screen in 2011, Captain America the first Avenger. Now in Captain America 2 the winter solider you may have noticed that his suit has changed again.

The blue is darker and it is missing the famous red, white and blue strips we all know.  I believe this is because he is doing stealth mission for shield, which is just a guess based on the trailer.

 When Captain America came out in 2011 his suit was a mix of military attire and a suit for a superhero. It showed off the famous colors but kept the suit grounded. Captain Americas suit had everything that a solider fighting in a war would carry. From a pistol to a belt that could hold grenades and other clips for his gun.
                The suit was useful not just a symbol for hope. However in the Avengers (2012) his suit was sleek and more superhero like, the colors were richer and stood out more his famous shield was polished and repainted. Captain America was back and more colorful than ever. He was more a sign of hope to the world in the avengers. Then he was a solider. 

                Out of all three suits from the three movies I think my favorite would have to be the avenger’s suit. I love the color, it’s rich and unforgettable. The way a superhero should be portrayed. The suit is meant to be a superheroes uniform. A uniform symbolizing what they stand for. It is a way of giving the world hope for a brighter tomorrow. I think Captain America’s suit in the Avengers pulled that off really well. It wasn’t just for battle it was a symbol of hope.

And dont forget to watch Captain America The winter solider in theatres 4/4/14 

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