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Harley Quinn In Arrow

Harley Quinn, or no Harley Quinn? 

The topic of Harely Quinn making an appearance on Arrow I can assume has caused some controversy for the fans of arrow that know who Harley Quinn is. 

With the rise of the Batman Arkham videogames and their final game releasing soon, it’d be very uncommon to not know who Harley Quinn is.

Who is Harley Quinn? 

 Harley Quinn is a female sidekick that fights alongside the joker in the animated television series of batman in 1992. Her character didn’t make an appearance in the comics until The Batman Adventures: #12 in 1993. Her second appearance featured as a retelling of her origin story, The Batman Adventures: Mad Love  (Special)was released in 1994. Harley Quinn seems to be a very beloved character and has mostly been featured having very close ties with the joker until very recently where we see her being forced to work for the suicide squad, keeping in mind that she does attempt to return to the joker until she ends up back with the suicide squad.

Suicide Squad (Arrow)

The name, ‘The Suicide Squad’ might sound a little familiar as it is the team of criminals, “villains” led by Amanda Waller in episode 16, season 2 of Arrow.

In the episode where we first meet the team of suicide squad we hear a remark from a woman behind a cell

Watch the video here 

The voice is clearly Harely Quinn.

A lot of people watching the episode the night it aired had already got wind that she might be in the episode.

In the promo for suicide squad theirs an image of a blonde woman in the same prison get up, with her face looking the opposite way of the camera.

Another indication was the rumor that Cassidy Alexa (as Harley Quinn), was going to appear in the episode, when the rumor was followed up her people responded, that she was but they did not know who she would be.
A week or so after the episode we heard from Arrows producer

“For one thing, we didn’t expect it to end up in the promo, so we were caught a little off guard, on that front.  Andrew was very much like, ‘I totally knew people would lose their minds.’  And I was like, ‘Really?!’ I did not expect people to lose their minds the way they did, but I was very glad.  So, Andrew was a lot more prepared than I was…
 I want to manage expectations with respect to Harley Quinn.  She was always intended to be an Easter egg.  I don’t want people to go in with incorrect expectations and walk away from Episode 16 disappointed.  But there is an element to the Easter egg that was not spoiled by the promo, that I think people will find a lot of fun.”

It seems like he doesn’t want to anger fans, and this is him saying that it was just an easter egg an nothing else. Another quote of this also goes into him saying that a discussion with DC would have to be undergone before they consider even brining her onto the show.

Hope of Harley Quinn making an apperance or that Cassidy Alexa would play seems like it really is all just a rumor when you notice the credit for the episode, suicide squad credits Tara Strong of the deranged lady behind the cell. Tara strong is the main voice for Harley in the newest Batman video games.

And then this comes along?

Cassidy Alexa, as Harley Quinn? It can’t be true!... But I guess it is!?

We all know that in the next few episodes of Arrow we will probably see the suicide squad again, this time with a new addition to the team. Hopefully Harley?

A different look at this could be that she went and did the shot,(it was obviously when they did the episode 16 'suicide Squad shooting) and they decided to remove it and do something else instead, maybe because DC did not like the idea or because the producers thought it was too much. Cassidy Alexa was to be credited in the episode but never appeared. Does this mean are chances of seeing Harley Quinn in Arrow are 0, or that there is a real chance that we just may see her alongside the suicide squad? 

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