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Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 16 'Its Not Easy Being Green' (Review)

The Wicked West Show Down 

Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 16 'Its Not Easy Being Green'

"This Isnt the wild west" 

-"No this is the wicked west!" 

As you all of know or should know by now, Story Brooke has had a new curse cast on it by a new witch, specifically, 'The Wicked Witch of Oz herself also known as, Zelena (The Wicked Witch) which we have hardly any actual knowledge of, except for her high discontent for Regina and the others in storybrooke
In this episode of Once Upon A Time, the majority of our questions we've been waiting to hear since the beginning about the towns new nemesis are answered.

Wicked Vs. Evil 

The beginning of the 2nd part of the season kept a lot of interest, especially when at this moment you know exactly where they're taking it, you just don't know how, but in this weeks new episode we find out a lot of the questions we've been earning an answer for. If you've watched Once Upon A Time you know exactly what to expect, almost exactly what you might expect from a badly acted soap opera, and we do see a little bit of that in this episode, low budget effects and either a little bad acting or over exaggerated lines, but that is also what makes Once Upon A Time the beloved show that it is. The show is based on magic and a lot of Disney mythos on a small television budget so you cant exactly expect more, especially when the content and characters outweigh the negatives of the show.

In the beginning of this episode of (OUAT) we are given a small window of time to say goodbye to a beloved character, starting us off right where we were left off last week. I don't see it as much of a closer to someone who seemed like he never got to play his character to the fullest extent. I want to believe that he could make a possible return, even after death. His demise doesn't quite yet ruin the show, but it does throw the story flow off a bit.

I still cant help but wonder why the odd extra next to Hook? Whats your relation again? 

After the funeral, the pace of the show picks up pretty quickly as some of the revelations we've known as an audience, (Spoiler) * (Highlight)  that zelena is Reginas half sister is revealed to the key characters when Zelena makes an appearance in the diner and challenges Regina to a dual on mainstreet. Things are heating up in storybrooke,

The rest of the episode we see Regina preparing for the stand off, and Hook attempting to get closer to Henry.

Once its time for the stand off Regina makes a late appearance, but is more ready than ever to take out Zelena.

 Reginas gonna kick some wicked ass right!?

Unfortunately the answer is a resounding no and quite the opposite of what happens.
 Don't underestimate the wicked witch. Zelena proves herself to be quite powerful and stronger than Regina, making this episode possibly official proof that our little baddie is now an evil goodie.

We see a lot of revelations and truths behind our new nemesis and her beginnings as she finds her new persona in the wicked witch of oz and exactly why she holds such strong resentment against Regina. By the end of the episode we also learn that the wicked witch is not only in Storybrooke just to torment them but to use them in her scheme as she looks to collect a set of ingredients for a powerful spell.
Courage, heart and a brain? Things are getting very interesting in the little town of storybrooke.

I can't help but wonder what other destruction the wicked witch wreaks in the emerald city of Oz, but I do hope that by the end of the season we will get a chance to see a little bit more of Oz and what it looks like in the present.
I'm also not to ecstatic about what they did with the wizard of oz so I do have hope that maybe we can get a pretty bad ass Dorothy out of all this and not a terrible tale on a specific character, which we've seen many times on this show, and not just a rip off by using Emma as the "savior"

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