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The 100 Episode 5 Twilights last gleaming review

The 100
Episode five (review)

Twilights last gleaming  

First things first, I am so far a big fan of this show.
It’s doing everything right as far as a story should.It’s got romance, action and mystery. Everything that needs to be there to keep one interested. The writing is beautiful and so is the acting.

Normally I like the books over the movies or tv shows, but in this case. With the 100 I have to say I like the tv show way more than I like the book.
 in the show everything is more well thought out than in the book, although the book has its moments which I am not going to get into because this is a review for the show not the book, although I would very much like to talk about the difference so far.

Episode five of the 100 takes the show up another notch.
The space station is running out of oxygen and the council wants to take 300 or so people and kill them.  Unless the people of earth can find a way to contact the ark (The space station) and let them know that earth is hospitable.

Another pod falls to earth making Clarke, Finn and Bellamy curious as to what fell with it. Little do they know Finn’s girlfriend shows up on earth with a radio that could help them save the 300 people on the ark from dying.

A lot of things happen in this episode, and most of it happens on the ark.
Last week we saw that Clarkes mother was arrested and was going to be floated. To help the people of the ark she is let go to continue to be their doctor (She must be one heck of a doctor) she is also tasked with finding a humane way of killing 300 people.

The rest of the people of the ark find out that the ark is dying which brings them to the conclusion to allowing themselves to die for their family members.  It was a heartfelt scene that left you almost in tears.
The 100 on earth find a new way to contact the ark after the radio was destroyed. They use the rockets from the newly crashed pod that they send up like flares.

All in all this was an amazing episode.

.I liked everything about it to the problem with Clarke and Finn’s relationship, after his old girlfriend comes into the mix and, Bellamy learns to put aside himself to help the group contact the ark.
 It was a great episode with amazing character development with hearts felt scenes from the ark to the earth.

  I love this episode, my favorite so far and yes I do say that every review. It’s not my fault the episodes just keep getting better.  let’s hope my reviews are too.  My editor may not think so, so leave comments below to show him you like this review and to tell me what you thought of the episode.  Thanks for reading.


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