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Feed The Geek Weekly Update 4/19/14

Welcome To Our Weekly Update. Where you can catch up on all new content in one place.

Televised Reviews & Recaps this week 

The comic book category 
Comic book updates & recaps
comic book = What to read and comic book news

New 52 updates & Marvel Now

Suicide Squad
Teen Titans
Marvel Now 
The New Ultimates

Full film reviews
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Ninja Turtle Tv Spot

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Every other week we will also have a group podcast between the group at feed the geek and a guest spot. At the moment we are working on creating our first podcast, so enjoy the rest of the content below! 

Televised Reviews & Recaps this week 

Agents Of Shield & GOT


Providence is a good episode for setting up the dominoes for the season finale, but does little of what it promised during the episodes promo.  Read our review for it here

The episode itself is not a bad one, but seems more near to being part 1.2 of the premiere of season 4. Continued on the full review

The 100 & Arrow

First things first, I am so far a big fan of this show.
It’s doing everything right as far as a story should.It’s got romance, action and mystery. Everything that needs to be there to keep one interested. The writing is beautiful and so is the acting. Continue review

It looks like their might be one other major super villain making their appearance in Arrow, sooner than later, as we finally get to see Olliver and slade wilson go head to head in the present without any stops or holding back. Continue Review

Trailers And Clips that are Hot this week!

X men "Opening battle scene in x-men days of future's past"

X men days of future past trailer 3

The Final X-men trailer is finally here! 

Ninja turtles tv spot "Brothers"


Amazing Spiderman 2 "Timesquare"

The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie Clip "Skipping Stones" 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Clip "Peter & Gwen" 

See more new clips from the Amazing Spider-man here

Comic book updates & News


Dick Grayson "Former robin" takes up a new identity as a secret spy" in new 52 comic this july 

Teen Titans & Suicide Squad to Reboot this July as well Read all the details about it here 

Marvel Now

Brand New Ultimates! All new storiesRead The Details Here

Weekly Update/ Feed The Geek

The weekly update is due to change throughout the week until Sunday, full with more television recaps, comic book reviews and more news. If theirs something you didnt see or that you want to see let us know below or message us personally and dont forget to like and follow us on facebook or twitter.

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