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WWE Friday Night Smackdown overview

WWE Smackdown from the Cajun Dome Lafayette, Louisiana
Tapped Tuesday April 8th

A memorial graphic for warrior is shown and Cole says that Mondays raw will be dedicated to the memory of the ultimate one.

Cole introduces us to Smackdown, John Cena comes out and runs down the highlights of WrestleMania and the night after on Raw. “The future is now”. He goes onto say he is the he is the measuring stick that everyone else will be judged on.  Anyone who wants to prove themselves to  come try. The Wyatt’s sound/video clip is played. Harper starts the Wyatt promo. Bray starts to talk but he’s hard to summarize, that’s why I love his promos they sound crazy and cool. He sets up the feud to head to Extreme Rules. The six man tag main event match Between Daniel Bryan, The Usos vs Authralution. Kane, Batista and, Orton is advertised. Cesaro vs Big Show next. ©

JNY5’s Vibe:  I can’t Wait to see what they do Monday #ThankYouWarrior. I love the idea Cena is trying to leave WWE a better place then he left it by making sure that only if you can beat him. Then and only then can you be a face of WWE. I loved Wyatt’s promo an the way its heading if Bray can’t bring Cena to turn then he never will.

Back from break the undertaker’s streak ending is touched upon. The big show heads to the ring. Cesaro winning the battle royal at WM. Paul Hayman introduces the king of swing to the ramp and apparently is Cesaro’s intro music.

Cesaro vs Big Show

Big Show gets the upper hand, looks to end it early. But Cesaro is able to get out of the ring and get some advice from Hayman. (c)

Back from brake Cesaro is positioned big show with a sleeper. Big show is able to break it a few times but Cesaro keeps putting him back in the move. Big show is able to get away for good. When he goes for a move off the second rope Show misses. Cesaro is about to go for the big swing when Swagger comes out to give Cesaro the disqualification victory. After Show chases Jack away Cesaro attacks Show from behind, leading to an impressive neutralizer spot.(c)

Big show losses by DQ

JNY5’s Vibe: I guess this forwards the feud between Swagger and Cesaro. Where Dose Big Show fit in? I almost just wish I could use the fast forward button and see where Cesaro is by the time SummerSlam rolls around. 

Los Matadors vs Rybaxel

The matadors do some flash running the ropes, until Ryback catches him for a power move, tags Axel. Axel takes to Diego for a bit then Ryback’s in again. After the tag match breaks down Axel and Fernando are in the ring were Axel hits hits his finisher for the win.

Curtis Axel pins Fernando

JNY5’s Vibe: Pretty much just some nice filler 

The six man main event is advertised RVD is interviewed backstage by RenĂ©e Young. ©
WM shots are shown Damian Sandow is in the ring. The announcers say that Sandow wanted this rematch from Raw. RVD does some rope dancing leading to a rolling thunder. Sandow rolls outta the ring. After a dive from RVD goes wrong, Damian gets in about three minutes of offence. Until RVD reverses a move in the corner. RVD later wins with a Frog Splash. Hogan out next. ©

JNY5’s Vibe: A little hope for Damian I guess it’s still a youth movement if you look at their personalities. 

Were back and Hogan is strutting his way to the ring. He talks about WM puts over Danyail Bryan and introduces him as the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan talks about the amazing week he’s having. He goes on to say he’s a normal guy and to him Hogan is the Star. They go in to the “Famous” Posing.(c)

JNY5’s Vibe:  Fun moment, if only because I live through Bryan a little bit, because Bryan represents my generation.

Back from break Kofi Kingston makes his entrance. Announcers highlight his battle royal spot. Bad News Barrett is out he tries to do his bad news line, but Kofi wants to get the match started. They trade offence, miss attempts of their finishers. Later when Kofi goes for trouble in paradise, Barrett hits his bull hammer for the pin. ©

JNY5’s Vibe: Pretty much a squash. A little push for BNB, I truly think the fans response will guide this to where it will go.

More WrestleMania photos are showcased

Another chapter in the Emma/Santino ……Wait Layla/Fandango

Fandango wins by roll up.

JNY5’s Vibe: Match was rope running, striking, hold, reverse and, repeat till Fandango won because of a distraction by Layla. Maybe he needs a new heal manager because Summer is turning face. Tweeting a breakup, so classy Dingo.

Next page is talked about and a Video vintage is played introducing herself and the recap of her upset victory for the Divas Title on Monday. The 6 man main event is next. ©

Six Mag Tag The Usos and Daniel Bryan vs Authoralution
The recap of the raw main event and their promo from Main Event Tuesday. Kane, Orton and, Batista trying to come together for their match. The Uso’s do there entrance routine D Bry is out next. ©
 When we get back to the show Kane, Batista, and, Orton, make their entrances respectively. Batista does a spine buster to Jay Uso for a two count Orton is tagged In he goes to work on the ribs witch were tapped until Orton exposed them. ©

Back from break the Authoralution continue to work on jays ribs. He gets a few hope spots, but is unable to make it to his corner until Orton attacks Jimmy. A Samoan drop to Orton, an inzaguri to Kane. Bryan tags in and takes control. After a six men pileup outside the ring, the men start to brawl. Leading to the match being thrown out. Orton and Batista hit their finishers on the Usos in the ring. Just as Kane is about to chokeslam Bryan into the announce table. Hounds of Justice the (crowd should have cheered) come down to save the day. The Shield send Batista and Orton up the ramp. Kane tries to attack the shield from behind with a chair. But shocker Daniel Bryan hits Kane I the face with a running knee. The Shield not wanting to miss out hit Kane with the triple powerbomb. The four NXT alum stand tall in the ring, to end the show.

JNY5’s Vibe: A decent show with some good action. Some storylines were moved forward if only by a little, But basically more of the same for Raw and again the tag champs took some unesseary damage.
Sorry for the absence just wanted to watch WrestleMania 30 as a fan before I dive head in to the blogging process. Feel free to feed the feeders with your comments and suggestions. 

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JNY5 Alive long and prospering

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