Saturday, April 12, 2014

News and Updates: Heartbleed bug

You may have heard of Heartbleed and wondered what this thing was that got everyone's attention and why it's such a huge deal. Well because we all here have to do this too, we've decided to provide information, and some comfort with facts, and why this is serious enough to even post it on the blog. All information was found via Cnet, HERE 

 HEARTBLEED: Is a security vulnerability in OpenSSL software that lets a hacker access the memory of data servers. According to Netcraft (Netcraft provides web server and web hosting market-share analysis,) OVER 500,000 Web sites could have been affected. That means a user's usernames, passwords, and credit card information  is potentially at risk of being intercepted. So what do you do? CHANGE your passwords, everywhere! Better Safe then Sorry.

 ALSO: Heartbleed leaves no traces of anything abnormal happening to the logs" of Web sites, according to Codenomicon. So no looking for something that's not there won't work this time. Down below is all the sites that may have been attacked so it's recommend that you change the password. HERE is the live version!

Best of luck to everyone!

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