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Monday Night Raw Recap & Review 3/31/14

Monday Night Raw from: Verizon Center Washington D.C.

Monday Night Raw Opening Segment
Michael Cole welcomes us to the final raw before WrestleMania.

 Undertaker’s entrance music hits. It looked like he tripped on the steps Whoops, then a recap of last Monday. Brock has looked like a complete bitch this whole entire time. The last two years have not been good in the buildup.

 The undertaker Says; 
“21 men have stepped up, and 21 one have been put down.”

“There are three things people believe in death, taxes and, the Streak.”

“Brock at WrestleMania you’re going to rest in peace.”

 Brock’s music hits. Haymen’s mouth hits shortly after

“I don’t mean disrespect but my client does. It’s not a match he has to win it’s a match the undertaker has to win. All it will take is one f5 and it will be over, it’s not a guarantee it’s a spoiler.”

 Brock turns as if about to leave then he heads toward the ring. Brock is just toying with him about getting in the ring. Now hes circling the ring. Haymen tries to distract taker but taker turns around to hit him with a few shots, Then Lesner gets the upper hand and f5s him.
JBL says the streak will be broken.

Jny5’s Vibe: A little too late for them to try and make him look like a credible threat but I do believe they will put something good together come this Sunday. 

: Back

A recap of what happened played of the last segment; the announcers are doing their best to make Lesner look like a beast.

Big E Vs Alberto Del Rio
Big E’s music begins, as he heads toward the ring they put over the Andre memorial battle royal. Alberto del rio entrance follows. Once the match begins, ADR starts trading strikes with his opponent before big e hits the ropes and comes back with a shoulder block, and press slams him for a short cover kick out. Big e then runs at the corner and hits his shoulder on the turnbuckle before ADR begins to work on his opponents arm.

: Break

: Back
After returning to the match we see that Big E is now in control by commencing a power move on ADR, but the damage done to the arm is apparent. Into the corner Del Rio arm bars over the top rope. Big E Escapes. Del Rio adjusts to go for a top rope attack. Big e catches him midair and gives him a back breaker. Big e then goes for a big splash. Del Rio puts up his knee. After a few back and forth exchanges Del Rio gets big e into an arm bar, which big e powers out of with a slam. It Looks like Big E is about to get the pin when Rio grabs the rope. Big e then sets up Rio for a super plex. Rio pushes Big E away forcing him into the ropes before he does his corner stomp. Big e dazed in the middle of the ring gets a rios big kick for 123.
Alberto Del Rio Defeats Big E
 After the match the announcers hype a vote to see who Kane will face from the shield. Ortan vs Batista and a peak of the Wyatt/Cena angle is spotlighted.
Jny5’s Vibe: Mediocre match they could have used anyone in that spot, especially with one of the top titles gone. They need to do more to highlight the IC and US titles instead of jobber to the stars. WM XXX would have been a nice place to start.
: Back

We’re back and we see a recap of the Cena Harper match from last week. After the recap Wyatt cuts a promo. Good promo as always. A recap of Summer Rae and Natalya’s issues from total divas is shown before the diva match begins. Summer Rae heads to the ring.

: Break
Jny5’s Vibe: As Always good promo work from Wyatt, love him, big breath of fresh air. Maybe the world is ready for gimmicks again. I just hope this total diva show can help to make real stories for the divas that can translate to real good quality action.
: Back

Summer Rae VS Natalya
Announcers start pimping the sponsors. Vickie is on commentary. Natalya’s entrance follows. The divas invitational is brought up next. Vickie’s finally ready to reveal the rules.

A one fall everyone in the ring match.
 I hope this is not because of AJ’s connection to punk in real life. I don’t see her coming out of this still the champion. Natalya jumps Summer. A few exchanges later summer pins Natie for the win.
Summer Rae defeats Natalya via pin fall

After the Diva’s match, HHH and Steph are shown walking backstage. They will be bidding farewell to the yes movement.

: Break

Jny5’s Vibe: too short of a match just long enough to hype the match for Sunday but with the tie in with the total divas show this could be so much more.

: Back
Legacy from Eminem is highlighted as one of the official themes for WM. D.C. is sold out tonight. HHH’s music hits he and steph head to the ring. Announcers hype the network and advertise the content leading up to the big show. Steph begins by saying her husband will crush the yes movement. HHH follows up with
“it’s just a fad and the fans have no loyalty.” He brought up “Fandangoing” and how the fans just threw it away. The fans just want to be a part of something, then they proceed to mock the fans. Sadly, Daniel Brian won’t be at raw tonight, its best for business because, he needs to rest up.

HHH goes on to say that fans think the only reason he has all this power is because he’s married to steph, But that’s not the case according to him because he’s only successful because he’s that damn good, followed by a video of past performers; booker t, scott stiener ,R.V.D., Goldberg, Jericho, Jeff hardy, and Angle, and how he beat all of them, Probably because he booked it that way. HHH then goes onto say that he will walk out of WM the WWE World heavy weight Champion.

Mid segment, Batistas Music sounds as he starts heading to the ring. Batista tells HHH that he’s never beaten him, before he shoots insults at HHH and Steph. Orton then comes out and starts to suck up. HHH stops him and says if he has any hope to keep the title he needs to be the Viper and, if he does he’s not sure he can even beat that guy. HHH’s music hits and Orton Batista have a stare down to end the segment. Piper’s pit is hyped and the vote for Kane’s opp for tonight.


Jny5’s Vibe: A good segment to show HHH as a threat to win it all. Batista and Orton, same ol same ol.  Hopefully d bry shows up at the end.

8 Man Tag Match

Usos & Matadors Vs Rybaxel & The Real Americans
All four of the teams for the tag titles match are already in the ring for an eight man tag match. Ryback and uso start out. Usos gets some offence to start. ryback gets away to tag Curtis. One of the matadors tag in then there is some basic action till things break down until one of the usos lands on the floor to send us to


Once back to the match we see Ceasaro is in control before he tags ryback. Ryback  goes for a power move, jay uses the rope to turn it into a bulldog. Axel gets a tag then hits everyone on the face side. Jay tags in jimmy he hits the butt bump in the corner for a near fall broken by ryback. Swagger tags in, then one of the matadors tags in. Swagger gets caught up in some tag chaos while the matadors do some (twin magic) switcheroo. Swagger turns around to be rolled up for a quick pin.

Usos & Matadors Defeat Rybaxels & The Real Americans


Jny5’s Vibe: Pretty standard eight man tag action. And a face win to make people happy. Im still confused why the Rhodes are not anywhere near this, unless they have some angle during the battle royal. the tag division is lacking without them.


Fandango &Sandow Vs The Rhodes
Fandango with Summer Rae is in the ring finishing his entrance. A tag match with fandango/Sandow vs The Rhodes. Sandow and Cody start. Later Sandow tags Fandango Then after a bit Sandow is back in the ring. Cody finally gets the tag to Golddust who has a run of offence. Fandango tries to intervene but gets hit in the junk and hit with a moonsault . cody attempts to keeps him outside the ring as Goddust hits his finsher on Sandow for the win. The Battle Royal is hyped and the shield will address their situation after the break
Rhodes Takes Tag Team Victory

Jny5’s Vibe: More bleh stuff to hype the under card, the shield needs to hit it outta the park to pick back up this show.

A recap of what happened to the shield on Smackdown is shown. The six man between kane the new age outlaws and the shield is hyped. The shield cuts an ok promo.
“Washington D.C. the Wyatts are here.”


Jny5’s Vibe: The shield are doing the best with what they have I just think a fresher tag team like the all americans or rybaxel would have been better as Kane’s lackeys. The shield have a lot to carry if they want to make this a good WM moment.

Shemus vs the Mizz for the main event tomorrow is hyped.

R Truth Vs Bray Wyatt

 R-Truth is in the ring with Wyatt. Once the match begins Bray is dominating the whole thing.  Any spark of offence by R is quashed immediately. After some brutal offence he hits sister Abagail for the win. Afterwards, Xavier comes in and gets some of the same.

“This is not the beginning this is the end,” as they pose you see an extra sheep in the mix, which turns out to be Cena. Harper takes a punch, Rowen takes a AA, he then picks up Wyatt, but he still manages to escape. While the Fam is on the ramp john is pointing at the WM XXX sign. Will he be able to escape this Sunday?

Jny5’s Vibe: Good squash by Wyatt. I was hoping for more but what can you expect from Cena lol. But im looking forward to Bray and Cena putting something great to make Bray a WM Born star.


AJ Vs Naomi
After returning to the show theirs a recap of vickie’s match announcement for the divas championship at WM. AJ and Naomi are in the ring surrounded by the divas for the match for a lumberjills match. A little back and forth action occurs until Naomi is tossed out of the ring. No one wants to throw her back in the ring forcing AJ to get her, herself. Afterwards the both of them end up back in the ring, AJ starts to wear down Naomi until Naomi gets the upper hand, this time, forcing AJ outside the ring. Once outside the ring Tamina tries to protect her until the other divas beat her and AJ up before sending AJ back in the ring to be pinned by Naomi.

Naomi steals the win against AJ


Jny5’s Vibe: its nice to see more than one diva’s story, but with both matches combined they lasted less than the shortest men’s match. Ugh!


Kid Rocks “celebrate” is highlighted as one of the WM themes. Renee Young interviews Cena. John Cena gives a good promo and says he will be a monster for a day to protect a legacy over ten years in the making and he will put a foot up Bray Wyatt’s ass at WM. The announcers introduce the pre/post show panel. A recap of the Taker Lesner segment is shown. Finally some heat for Brock.
King is in the ring to announce the member of the Shield that will face Kane. By a landslide Roman Reigns wins and heads out to the ring.


Jny5’s Vibe: Great promo from Cena finally, someone that he can fight without smirking like an ass. Is anyone surprised that Roman won. The next “Rock” as I’ve heard so no wonder he shines high above the rest.


A Two hour preshow is hyped for WM.

I’m happy I’ll be able to catch it all on the network.
Kane Vs Roman Reigns

Kane makes his entrance to the ring to face off against Roman Reigns. Strong strikes are traded to start the match. Kane gets in a lot of offence till he tries the chokeslam then Roman Breaks out to control the match until he uses his super kick from the floor. The outlaws head to the ring but are taken out by the other shield members. The match gets disqualified when all three members ascend on Kane and before they can give him the triple Power bomb the outlaws distract The Shield long enough for Kane to escape. The heels retreat up the ramp while the face’s stand strong in the ring…..

 Um…. déjà vu?


Jny5’s Vibe: Nothing to get me excited about this nursing home beat down. Rowdy Piper up next


Justin Roberts introduces the Rowdy One who is already present in the ring. Rowdy gives Andre his due for making the first mania special, as he talks about his favorite to win the battle Royale the miz comes out they trade some reallys. Afterwards Sheamus comes out says some stuff. And then guess what Titus comes out oh and then Dolph. Blah. Blah. Blah. Piper instigates a fight and the pre Battle Royal pile up begins. Some finishers happen then it’s the Big Show to clear the ring and stand tall with piper at the end. Randy Orton vs Batista for after the break is hyped.

Jny5’s Vibe: Basic fair over the top Battle Royal hype. It seems like this moment was made for show an after some of the things he’s been through he deserves it. A truly memorable moment at the mania.


Orton Vs Batista

The entrances for the main event take place.  Then HHH’s Music hits. You can see Batista upset about him being there. Him and Steph sit down for commentary he says he is out there cause it’s all his then Steph says ours. Foreshadowing? Orton mainly has most the offence Hunter says the viper is back. In the middle of the match Daniel Bryan comes down to attack HHH even Orton can’t stop him as he whips the COO’s ass and stands tall in the ring to end the show. YES! YES! YES!

Match ends in an apparent no contest

In conclusion

Jny5’s Vibe: Hot angle to end the show, more exciting than Orton/Batista for WM main event so can’t wait for Sunday. The undercard is kinda meh including the shield match but I’m really looking forward to HHH/Bryan Cena/Wyatt Brock/taker and the Triple threat for the title.
Hope this was alright for my first attempt .thank you for reading.

-Johnny Five Alive long and Prospering

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