Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WWE Main Event

WWE Main Event Coverage taped yesterday at Verizon Center Washington D.C.

Tom Phillips welcomes us to Main Event.
Sheamus heads out to the ring, then the Mizz, then we have our first match.

Sheamus VS The Mizz

Sheamus Wins with a brogue kick
The Andre Battle Royal is hyped for WM XXX
A recap of John Cena Wyatt angle is advertised for after the break


Jny5’s Vibe: Good back and forth match it’s hard to see all this talent not being able to break the glass ceiling. Both of these guys could have been stars but too much damage might have been done already.


Now back from break the announcers hype a video package covering the Cena Wyatt Rivalry. After the video their match is hyped for WrestleMania. Renee Young interviews the Bella twins Bree says she’s ready for the chaos Vickie has been known for. Nicki says they can’t agree who the new champ will be, but the one thing they can is that there will be one. As they exchange some dirty looks for a moment, both of them head to the ring. Things are heating up for the title match this Sunday. Tamina and Nicki Bella for after the break.

After the break both sets of divas make their entrances

Nicki Bella w/ Bree Bella Vs Tamina w/ AJ

The match starts with a tie up Nicki starts with some strong offence, shes able to gets her opponent into a head scissors until Tamina reaches the ropes, shortly after Nicki hits a hurracrana sending Tamina out the ring. Nicki follows after her, A few exchanges later they end up back in the ring. Tamina is able to get the match back in her control, after a near fall action goes to the corner where Nicki regains momentum. Nicki hits her with a nasty knee gets a near fall, Tamina ends up outside the ring hitting Bree Bella. As Tamina renters the ring Nicki tries to get the upper hand but Tamina gets in some offence that knocks Nicki to the matt, giving Tamina time to get to the top rope to hit the splash for the win.

Tamina Wins with a top rope Splash

AJ goes into the ring all smiles and gives Tamina a hug. AJ seems too happy for her victory.

 A recap of the Undertaker/ Brock segment from Monday is advertised for after the break 


Jny5’s vibe: Pretty standard divas match with all the talent in the division. I would hope the matches would be better, but I digress.


After the break Hogan on Smackdown is advertised. The announcers set up the Brock/Taker video. Video is played. After the video yet another recap is advertised from last night. The Orton/Batista main event on Raw.



Back from break HHH vs Bryan is advertised for WrestleMania. The video for the main event segment from Raw is played. After the Video the triple main event for Mania is Advertised. Then we are bid good night by Bryan Saxton.

Jny5’s vibe: Your standared PPV mode or any main event show. Theirs a couple of ok matches and replays from raw. I thought the Sheamus/Mizz match was good so you should check it out if you didn’t watch the show.

Thank you for reading and with support and practice I hope to become better at this. I will be posting anything of note from Smackdown as it will be mostly recaps and videos of Access. I’ll also be covering Mania on Sunday.
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