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Agent Of Shield season 1 episode 17 'Turn, Turn, Turn' (Review)

Agents Of Shield Season 1 episode 17 (Review) 

Episode 17 'Turn Turn Turn'

No one can be trusted in this episode of Agents Of Shield. Unlike Thor The Dark world, this episode of Shield is a direct spin off of the monumental events that occur in Captain America The Winter Solider. Making this possibly the best episode so far, and a definite game changer for the entire series. 

This episode isn't shy about starting us off exactly where we left off previously. If you haven't seen episode 16 their may be possible spoilers ahead. 

After May is found "supposedly" sending direct reports about the team to agent fury, her hard-line to the hub is cut by fitz forcing agent Hand to take control of the plane and direct it back to base. Our obscure point of view leads the audience to think she may be the clairvoyant.

Turn Turn Turn

Agent hand seems very content on having the team sent back and killed on spot, the team gears up in preparation for a fight when agent John Garret boards their plane after agent Hand attempts to blow his plane out of the sky. Jumping out of the plane and living to see another day might be an option, the catcher is that agent simmons and Antoine Triplett are stuck in the hub. 

After a little more research Skye discovers that Hydra has been hiding within the confines of Shield since the end of WWII giving them more of a basis to think agent hand is the clairvoyant and a hydra associate. 

"Phil, this is me being honest.”

“No, John, this is you being a psychopath.”

With agent Garrett the team infiltrate the base, but not without quite a few earth shattering changes for our team. No one can be trusted as lines are crossed and double crossed. Nothing is what it seems for our team or the rest of Shield.  

The episode does a great job of closing the story of what has been affected by the Winter soldiers aftermath but it does not fix everything. Shield may be shield but it will never be the same again. you don't necessarily need to watch winter solider to keep up to tune with agents of shield, but i do recommend not missing something as phenomenal.

A lot of revelations and new enemies are made including some new allies at the end of the episode leaving you shocked, dumbfounded and jaw dropped. Turn Turn Turn is the catalyst for something really enormous to occur in the next few episodes leading up to the season finale. Agents Of Shield has definitely made up for lost time. I have only hope that we can see other comic arc villains appear between now and the end of the season. 


The episode is a great and its timing couldn't be any better with the release of winter solider. Having to keep in mind that aliens don't always invade earth and that the events that affect shield most is what occurs in the world of some of the most phenomenal and important villains and super heroes. i cant wait to see how some of the episodes revelations well come back to haunt them in the next episodes to come. I think I'm actually scared for the team and who they're really facing. their enemy is definitely going to be an intimidating one. Hail Hydra!

What was your reaction to the identity of the clairvoyant in the episode? Or is the perceptive of whom the clairvoyant is off a bit? Ward anyone? sound off below!

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