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The Game Of Thrones season 4 episode 1 'Two Swords' (Review)

The Return Of The Game Of Thrones 

Season 4 Episode 1 'Two Swords'

Is it just me, or were you also as hyped to see the subtle changes to the Game Of Thrones opening? I didn't notice it at first, because I wasn't too sure if it really did look different or if i was just over exaggerating as i've been anticipating this moment for months to come. 

Game of thrones is back! 

The setting of the return doesn't give you an exact time frame, one might assume weeks but you could also assume days.
Danery's dragons are huge, they're growing fast,... but not that fast. 
We see Jon had barely just recovered
and Arya is still riding atop the hound.
2 weeks at the most? 

Either way, things don't attempt to stop or slow down. Our characters are still continuing with their journeys. 
For most, the death of Rob and catelyn Stark has not affected most as heavily as it does others (mainly Sansa Stark) (Poor Sansa). Most of the events that have occurred seem to simply continue which might make a lot of since also considering that according to its placement in the book the first half of this season looks like it will keep itself contained in the third book and not the fourth, saving a lot of the climax until midway through the tv series or until the end, which could be seen as a use to save some time and to get some more content out of the books for television viewing. 

Getting to the review for the episode, I'll be breaking down the episode by each character to make it easier for viewing. 

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister - is one of the first characters we see in Kings landing. Continuing to do his fathers bidding and other undesirable work like greeting the martell family to the royal wedding, seeing as the Lannisters and Martells have unresolved issues,(Unresolved as a definite understatement) Tyrion gets the job of greeting the prince of martell himself. 

Sansa Stark 

Next to Tyrion we also get to see a few scenes of Sansa Stark- 
Considering the news of her brother and her mothers death she feels she (knows) she can trust no one. Her allies are her enemies and she is enslaved in lowerclass royalty, by being forced to be Tyrion Lannisters wife. Sansa is not very happy about her predicament or her new husband and finds solemn away from the society of kingslanding. 

Jamie Lannister 

Its been awhile since we've seen the kingslayer. Jamie Lannister has been absent from kingslanding since the 1st season and a slave either of the starks or another group of bandits. His character has grown quite a bit which makes his appearance at kingslanding is definitely different than what we've seen so far. Jamie Lannister finds it a struggle to find his place among his family and the rest of kings landing. (let us also not forget about the difficulties that come with fighting one handed.) 

Oberyn Martell

If you're not to sure who this is, then you should. Oberyn Martell is not the kind of guy you want to mess with. Oberyn is the martell royal invite who fills in for his brothers absence that Tyrion is tasked to greet. Our first look at Martell depicts him as a pretty suave badass who has some pretty big grudges against the Lannisters. If he's the guy to cause some serious damage to the Lannisters, let it be him. I'm really liking this Oberyn guy. 

Danerys Targaryen

Danerys dragons are growing quick as we can see very clearly. Even as the mother of the dragons not even Danerys can tame them without putting herself in harms way. Let us not even consider that they are still not even 3/4 the size that they will grow to be by the end. We see Danerys Targaryen a few times in this episode, continuing to lead her army to the slave city meereen. Her army and the former slaves continue to devote themselves to her cause. 
We even see Darrio Naharis, the man who helped her invade the last city. Along the journey we Darrio begins to make romantic gestures toward her. 
I could see the two of them becoming very close in the near future. 

Jon Snow

As for Jon Snow, it seems like we are able to catch up with him just as he has healed from his wounds. The commander of the watch demands a council over Jons actions during his absence. Jon snow makes his appearance before the council, before informing the watch that war is coming to the wall. 

Arya Stark 

As for Arya Stark, the best is saved for last. Not much has changed since we last see the two riding off into the night, in fact their on the same horse practically sitting the same way we last seen them. We dont see much, but its definitely enough.
Arya is tired of riding with the hound, so they go in search of a pony for her to ride... (lets also not forget chicken), eventually coming along a tavern and the man who stole her sword. This is the only part where we actually get to see some brutal action, or any action at all. We even get to see Arya jump into the fray as well.
After the finale of last season you cant help but wonder how the hound and Arya will get along, but in fact they get along quite well.
These two are an inseparable and a perfect pair.


 The episode seemed like a perfect premiere for the fourth season. It is good to know our characters are in a good place and doing well. (Greyjoy excluded as he's not in the premiere) Its also a great feeling when another character gets introduced (Oberyn) and already you're cheering for his character. (He hates Lannister's of course, why else not?) Oberyn's appearance and the continuation of everyone else's characters makes the loss of Rob not really all that bad. He was stealing away screen time anyway.
 I honestly just cant wait for the next nine more episodes.
 For the next episode though I will keep hope that we will see more of Bran and the others, his character continues to get more interesting by the episode, and I cant wait to see how hes doing now.

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