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Agents Of Shield End Of The Beginning Season 1 episode 16 Recap (Spoilers)

Contains Recaps of tonights episode and spoilers 
If it really took 16 episodes for us to see the end of the beginning, I hope that everything past this point stays that way, because I have to say majority of the beginning of this series has been pretty boring. Tonights episode though, is definitely not one of them. 
After some of our first looks into Marvels universe last week where we got to see concept images of scarlet witch, Quick silver and much more to come and some that we’ve already seen, AKA Antman concept art. To be quite honest I never watched last week’s special which in the end seemed to pay no importance when (Except for the newer concept art and some other tidbits) I didn’t miss out on anything that I already know. When you have more than potentially 12 hours of bonus dvd features that you’ve watched, there’s not too much else to know. It’s all very Interesting stuff though. (I’m a very special features kind of guy.)
So when tonight was the night, a night ive been waiting two weeks for, (since I caught up with the series)I couldn’t wait to see what events would unfold next for our Agents of Shield. My expectations for tonight’s show did not fall short, for the massive amounts of content and events that begin to unfold in tonights episode of Agents Of Shield. I may be going on a limb here but I think it just might be one of the best episodes of the season. Here’s hoping the next episode will be even greater.
What episode is Amy Ackers appearance in again?

Tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield guest stars Bill Paxton, (John Garett).  B.J. Britt, (Triplett) and Brad Dourif, as the clairvoyant? Seeing the name credited immediately lead me to the conclusion that he could be the clairvoyant, but you might not have got that impression until the end of the show. Then again, I’m pretty sure by the final conclusion to tonight’s episode we all have an impression that he wasn’t the clairvoyant at all. (I was so hoping he was)

The episode starts off with agent Triplett and agent Garett getting attacked as they take solitude in a beat up safe house. The two are discussing their plan to find the clairvoyant when Death lok initiates the attack by busting through the door then slinging himself through the roof. If his purpose was to scare them or kill them he does a pretty terrible job. If anything I would think the clairvoyant is one step ahead of them and using Death Lok to bait the trap. The episode picks up pretty quickly starting the show off on a very quick pace, 1:25 seconds to almost be exact. At the same time it does a good job by successfully drawing in the audience and setting up the events for the episode.

As the rest of the pieces start to fall in we see an appearance from agent Victoria Hand, and the rest of the agents preparing to use a list of sorts to track down the clairvoyant. The list seems to be a list put together by Shield which details people with the potential ability to read minds. From what we know about the clairvoyant the group jumps to the conclusion of him having the ability to reads minds, and not the real answer starring them in the face.

                Everyone has their mission. We see the agents gearing up to track down the clairvoyant while Coulson gives Skye her own personal mission, to track the clairvoyant through purposes of the internet. Having that bracelet off definitely has its advantages doesn’t it Skye?
Also a moment we’ve been waiting for, we see Coulson and the team reward skye with her own official agent of shield badge and title. Be saved by alien DNA, Become agent of shield.

We then see Fitz and Simmons working on their own project. The two are working to find out more evidence on the alien DNA that was used to heal Skye and Coulson, which we see lead into even more trouble that may not be related to the alien DNA at all.

As the agents set off on their own, Triplett pairs with Ward, May pairs up with agent Blake and Coulson with agent Garett. As everyone is on their way to track down their suspect on the list we see agent may and agent blake entering a living home, it looks like a long shot when Death Lok attacks agent Blake. Before he escapes he makes little effort to fend off May, with one misdirected missile to the wall behind her.

Going back to the plane after the attack we then see Fitz walking about the plane and being all techy with well… the tech? I’m not exactly an expert, but I imagine what fitz finds is a hardwire tap into the planes system. If it’s not something he put there….? Bad May! Bad!

After the team finds a way to track Death lok we see the agents pour into the building, with bullets a blazing and Death Lok on full attack we see some amount of action until the agents follow a path into a back room where we see Brad Dourif (Thomas Nash) the suspect from the living home, sitting motionless in a wheel chair with a video screen talking for him. Nash confesses to being the clairvoyant and pleads for them to lock him away, followed by him pressuring and antagonizing the team, specifically about Skye and her near death experience. In mid speech toward agent Coulson “You will never stop-“ Grant makes a hasty decision to shoot the clairvoyant. It seems a little bit over the rope for Ward, which only Coulson understands.

Back on the ship we see things start to pick up. Skye informs Coulson on her idea that the clairvoyant was not a psychic, but an agent of shield, someone who is able to access all levels of information from shield. With Coulson having doubts about Nash being the clairvoyant he confronts ward in the interrogation room. There is a heated argument about wards loyalty and true purpose for killing the clairvoyant. Perhaps he believes Ward is the mole?
 Simultaneously we see fitz following up on the hardline to another part of the plane, further proving May as the suspect when May approaches him.
 Intimidated by May and the evidence he finds Fitz makes a quick retreat.
 Fitz, walks back through the plane until he meets skye. 
Thinking aloud, Fitz tells Skye what he found, before Skye urges him to cut the connection.

Fitz rushes to cut the link just in time before May is able to make her progress report, while Skye reaches the interrogation room and pulls a very angry Coulson away from Ward.
 Everything seems like it is all starting to fall into place and all the truths are about to surface. 
May reaches the back of the ship, armed with her gun she shoots the bullet safe windows Fitz is protected by, until Coulson and the now official agent skye have her cornered with their guns. 
A very angry and betrayed Coulson takes his verbal anger out on May. May now in more of calm and on a possible emotional verge into tears? Or maybe what she feels is fear. After pleading to the team to land the plane we see the plane from outside as it is being controlled by some outside source, and zooming into the opposite direction they were flying to. 
Bad May! Bad…. May?
Bad, Victoria Hand!
 Everything looks like it is revealed as we see Mrs. Hand giving orders to her men to take out everyone on the plane once it lands

-          Nice Toys.
 I prefer the term high-tech hardware – Fitz

Does no one else find his accent as adorable as I do?

Overall as I said I believe the show is one of the best episodes of the season. Just like most of you I believe a lot of us lost interest in the show early on, and if it weren’t for some of the more recent promos I wouldn’t be writing this nor would I of watched it. There have been a lot of events that have been unfolding as of recent and finally the show is starting to pick up. With winter solider happening simultaneously this week it will be nice to see what agent of shield will do and where it will go.
At the very end of this episode we see that Mrs Hand is Mays contact and is the one who is in control of the plane leading to the belief that she may be the clairvoyant.. so much for going to great lengths to covering up your identity then attempting to kill the agents, it’s almost an insult to say shes the clairvoyant. I believe next episode we will see a lot of events and confusing stories crossing over, making the clairvoyant and the secrets shield is hiding all into one juicy season finale. Let us also not forget some other potential villains to possibly come out of the water works. I would suggest if you haven’t caught up yet, right now is the time to do so.

Please leave your comments and opinions below and where you stand on tonights show
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